Hello World!

It’s traditional. Since the dawn of computer programming, the first program any student of a new language or system is likely to see does little more than display “Hello World” on the screen. This blog is no different.

So, why am I here? I’ve been a blogger before, with some haphazard, unfocused efforts that ranged from creative writing to mathematical treatises, and all stops in between. When my wife asked me for assistance in setting up a blog and website for her therapy business, I was only to happy to help, but it was not long before I got the itch to create my own as well.

I’ll certainly be posting regularly about the science (and yes, the art) of software engineering; this will be my professional blog. There will be plenty of “war stories”, but there will also be some more personal posts and opinions as well; maybe even the odd post here and there on some of my other interests. I’m not making any early promises to be any less haphazard; more focused, certainly.

Feel free to learn more about me here; but before I start for real, a couple of quick thank you’s. Hosting for this blog is provided by 000webhost.com, who offer both free hosting and very competitive paid service; I’ve been particularly impressed with them and hope you will consider them if you are looking for a hosting solution. Above all, my thanks to my wife Carri whose continuing love and support is once again behind me on this, yet another of my life journeys.

Enjoy your visit.


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