Translation Help Needed for Instant Breadcrumbs

I Use WP-Translations Community for my i18n
Instant Breadcrumbs is now proudly included in the WP-Translations project! The goal of WP-Translations is to give WordPress users the best accessibility to internationalization and localization. Teams and volunteers can add a quality translation of WordPress plugins and themes into their language. Many translators, many languages, many projects… there is lots of work to do. This is an exciting community, and I’m looking forward to making my WordPress plugins truly international.

But, most importantly, this project needs you. It’s very easy for you to help.

Adding language support to the wealth of WordPress plugins and data requires the dedicated work of translators all over the world. I have had volunteers for some languages for the Instant Breadcrumbs plugin. They have contacted me individually and supplied files that will soon be included in the next release of the plugin. However, the WP-Translations community provides an even better solution. If you would like to see the plugin in your language, here’s where you can help.

internationalization localization translationInternationalization and localization of WordPress is exceptionally important. It’s estimated over 20% of the Web is using WordPress; and so many of those sites would prefer to communicate in their own language. Translation makes this possible. Here’s your chance to make an impact on the international Internet.

Current Translation Progress

Please wait while Transifex gives the latest data!

If you wish to volunteer your help, click on the Translate button next to your language, and (after a short registration process) a simple online interface will let you add translation files to this or to many other WP-Translations projects. Once a language reaches 100%, I will include in the next version of the plugin. Any help is greatly valued and appreciated, and every contribution helps not only the plugin but the entire WordPress community.

Localization graphic obtained from How To Localize Themes in WordPress.  

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