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Open Access Week – Data for Everyone

open access logoOctober 21 to 27, 2013 is Open Access Week, an international campaign now entering its sixth year. OAW promotes free, immediate, online access to research results, and the rights to reuse that information. The modern Web has brought about an unprecedented access to information, but along with it come the technicalities of whether a reader has the rights to apply that information in their own work and research. The open access movement strives to rectify that. As much data as possible should beĀ available to everyone, and useable by all. However, we are a long way from that ideal, and there are still many obstacles to overcome. Continue reading

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Somewhere in the widget area of this site, you should now see a Creative Commons license. This touches on a subject I feel very strongly about; the idea of attribution, of giving credit where it is due. This affects not just the writing on this blog, but equally to the code I produce as a software developer, whether it be as part of a company or even tools I develop for myself.

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