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Git With Subversion: The Trouble With Rebase

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was unfortunate enough to be working on projects whose idea of “version control” was merely to put all the source code in a shared network directory – thus failing to provide any notions of “version” or “control” whatsoever. Things are far more stable now; Subversion is widely used for projects that appreciate the idea of a centralized repository, while git appears to be the common choice for those looking for something distributed, with some remarkably powerful features. With the git svn bridge, developers can work locally (and even detached from the network) using git, and push their work to Subversion when needed. As a git convert, I would never return to straight SVN now; my first task when working on a Subversion project is to clone it with git. It appears to be a very common and successful workflow.

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