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Instant Breadcrumbs for Any WordPress Theme

Hansel and Gretel with Instant BreadcrumbsBreadcrumbs are a handy way to make navigating your blog easier. A breadcrumb trail is simply a list of links showing where the current page is in the blog structure. Readers may easily move up and down your blog to discover related content. But including a breadcrumb trail on your site not only makes it easier for visitors to navigate. It also allows search engines to better explore your blog and include extra information in search results. Many breadcrumb plugins exist, but normally need theme editing or a custom theme that uses the breadcrumb function. Often, there is some further styling to make the breadcrumb trail match the overall ‘look’ of the site. I found this a challenge when trying to add breadcrumbs to the TwentyFourteen theme that ships with WordPress 3.8. I really wanted ‘responsive’ additions that hide under a button when viewed on smaller screens. Since the breadcrumbs are a navigation aid, why not place them in the navigation menu itself? Instant Breadcrumbs adds a breadcrumb trail to your WordPress blog’s primary navigation menu. No theme editing required!
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